5684 South Green St. Murray, Utah 84123

Redwood Depot Building D – Salt Lake

Project Location:

5600 West and 700 North, Salt Lake City, Utah

Project Size:

71-acre site and 857,000 sf building


Seefried Properties

Dominion Engineering is responsible for the following:

  • Site design including, grading, utilities, landscape, irrigation and erosion control
  • John Cannon Public Pump Station Project (300 ac./648 gpm)
  • Lot line adjustment, roadway dedication plat and lot consolidation
  • Design of regional public sewer pump station
  • Design of extension of John Cannon Drive to the west and the north
  • Planning and design of required offsite improvements to 5600 West including widening of roadway, traffic signal design and striping modifications
  • Topographic survey and construction staking for project

Project Features:

  • 857,000 sf building being constructed on 71-acre site
  • 2,655 auto parking stalls, 233 truck trailer stalls, 65 truck dock doors.
  • Onsite private stormwater lift station (1,825 gpm)
  • Design of temporary access road until future prison road is constructed